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Moera² 31-03-2021 22:20
Moera naming 0.4.0
  • Names do not expire anymore.
  • Deprecated concept of "the latest generation" of a name. Any available generation can now be used when registering a name. getCurrentForLatest() and getPastForLatest() calls are deprecated.
  • Added new call getSimilar() that looks for a name that is similar to the name passed. The current implementation performs case-insensitive search.
  • Added new call getAll() that returns the list of all registered names.
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Comments (4)

Is there any protocol for syncing naming nodes?

and there's a share button! oh, sorry. we're talking about naming
can you please elaborate on generations thing? I'm not sure how it works now?

Just as a part of a name. An additional numeric suffix. A name with generation 0 is the same as a name without a generation.

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