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Moera node & client 0.9.0
New features

Comments. It is now possible to add comments to posts in Moera. All tags and Markdown formatting allowed in posts is allowed in comments too. Long comments are collapsed - click the comment to expand it or to collapse it again. Comment authors may edit or delete their comments, post authors may delete comments to their posts. Reactions may be added to comments just like they are added to posts.

User may reply to someone else's comment by clicking "Reply" button under it. In this case the name of the author and several words from the beginning of the replied comment will appear before the new comment. Hover these words with your mouse and wait for a second - full text of the replied comment will be shown in a popup.

Further clicks of "Reply" button will just add a mention of comment author to the text of the new comment. If some text is selected on the page when "Reply" button is clicked, it will be added to the new comment as a quote.

Users receive notifications when they are mentioned in a comment or somebody replies to their comment. User may subscribe to any post (using its menu) to receive notifications when somebody comments to it. When you comment to a post, you are automatically subscribed to it, use menu of the post to unsubscribe.

Comments are shown in Web UI as well as in the client. In Web UI, if there are many comments, the comment feed is split into pages. In the client you can navigate a long comment feed using "Load future comments" and "Load past comments" links. To the right of these links you can see how many comments are there and which of them are shown. You can use "fast forward" and "fast backward" buttons to quickly move to the first and to the last comment respectively. Or you can click the number of comments to load them all.

You can use the menu of a comment to get the direct link to the comment. Comment's date is also linked to it. When opening a comment by direct link, the comment is emphasized with a dashed border.

Comments to the posts in your newsfeed are not stored on your node, they are loaded from the post author's node when you view them.

New formatting
  • Subscript. Write H~2~O to get H2O or use <sub> tag.
  • Strikethrough. Write ~~don't mind~~ to get don't mind or use <strike> tag.
  • Spoiler. Write ||her farther killed her|| to get her farther killed her - the text is hidden and revealed by click. Or use <mr-spoiler> tag for this. Tag also allows to set arbitrary text for spoiler warning: write <mr-spoiler title="be careful!">not really...</mr-spoiler> to get not really.... Thanks @eliduvid for implementation.
  • Videos. It is now allowed to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and PeerTube in posts and comments. Thanks @MVadik for proposal.
  • Text alignment. It is now allowed to set text-align style for <p> tag.
  • <a "target=_blank"> is now allowed in posts in Web UI.
  • <details> tag is now allowed in both client and Web UI.
Smaller changes
  • Automatically limit visible dimensions of posts and comments and embedded images and videos in posts and comments, so they do not cross feed boundaries and do not need horizontal scrolling. Images and videos in post previews are made even smaller, so they do not take too much space in the feed.
  • Mentions are now correctly parsed when the name contains various special characters. Thanks @eliduvid for implementation.
  • Number of positive and negative reactions is highlighted by green and red background respectively.
  • Client is now loaded only on pages that have text/plain MIME-type. This is made to avoid possibility that some scripts in the page may affect the client. This also makes the client loading faster. Thanks @eliduvid for notice and the fix.
  • Limit number of post revisions that are loaded at once when fetching a post for the newsfeed, to lower memory usage. Thanks @Alla for testing.
  • Added a setting for changing feed width in Web UI. Thanks @Alla for proposal.
  • Node URL is now updated when registered name of the node is prolonged.
  • Subdomain creation date/time is now stored in the database.
  • HTML in posts and comments is now sanitized before being displayed in Web UI.
  • You now may click at any place in "Continue Reading" line.
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also now you can use `details` tag. but, evidently, can't use markdown inside of it.
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