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Moera node & client 0.13.0
New features

Images in posts and comments. Now you can attach images to posts and comments and even insert them into the text. Number of images per post/comment is not limited. For an inserted image, you can choose its size and alignment, including text wrapping. It is possible to add three types of captions to images: (1) a caption under the image when it is inserted into text; (2) a tooltip shown when the image is hovered by the cursor; (3) a description, that is shown when viewing the enlarged image (see below).

Images may be uploaded from computer/mobile device ("Upload images" button) or copied from the Internet ("Copy image" button).

Both lossy (JPEG, WebP) and lossless (PNG, GIF) image compression formats are supported. When writing a post, uncheck "Compress images" before uploading an image to upload it in high resolution.

Click on an image to open it enlarged. On the same screen you can make it larger/smaller using buttons or gestures on mobile. You can also share the image, get a direct link to it or download it. In contrast to other social networks, direct link to an image in Moera is permanent - it will not stop working after some period of time.

Reactions may be added to individual images. API supports comments to images also, but they have not been added to the client interface to keep it simple.

Use a special button to view all images attached to a post organized in a feed.

Donations. Every user can now add to his/her profile one or more links for collecting donations. Besides the link itself, you can add a description and a QR-code. In this case "Donate" button will be shown in the user's profile, feed header and in the user's details pop-up. Click "Donate", choose a way to donate from the list and follow to payment. User's preferred way of donation may be set in Settings - if it is available, it will be shown first. Thanks Anton Kovalenko for the idea.

New formatting
  • Allowed embedding documents from docs.google.com.
  • Allowed to use the following Bootstrap classes in the text: bg-*, border-*, text-*, fs-*, float-*, table-*. These classes make possible to change text background and color, to set a border, alignment, font size and to decorate tables.
Smaller changes
  • Click on avatar in a post, comment or in the top-right corner of the page now opens the user's profile. In notifications such behaviour is disabled by default, but may be enabled in Settings.
  • Number of posts written by the user and date/time of the latest post have been added to the user's details pop-up.
  • Post author's reaction to comments under the post is now shown separately from reactions of others.
  • "Copy text" has been added to posts' and comments' menu. It allows to copy text of the post/comment with formatting (including the inserted images) or without it - you choose.
  • Added "Share" button to the profile and to the Timeline - to share a link to the blog.
  • Pinned posts in the newsfeed are not deleted when they age anymore. Thanks Tigra for the idea.
  • Notifications' appearance improved - notification type is now visible at first glance.
  • Draft is now removed automatically after all text and images are deleted from it. Or, in the case of editing of an existing post/comment, - if the text and images are restored to their initial state.
  • Improved preview of posts and comments that is shown when a link to them is posted on other sites.
  • robots.txt and sitemap (for search engines) is now created for all blogs.
  • In Settings, a convenient input field is used in all places where one needs to enter a number of bytes (or larger units).
  • In Settings, it is now possible to define an offset of time on the client computer from real time. This is needed, if a country changed its timezone or DST rules recently, but older operating system doesn't know about it and user needs to set time on the computer manually. Thanks @Galina for reporting.
  • Fixed database connection leak that caused resource starvation up to restart of the node.
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes caused partial loss of text of the edited comment, when draft was saved for the first time. Thanks Eliyahu Duvidzon for reporting.
  • The client migrated to Bootstrap 5.1.
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Comments (4)

Allowed to use the following Bootstrap classes in the text:

Are we keeping track of all allowed formatting? If not, I should get to it.


Something is broken: it's impossible to insert a jpg image, at least from a phone


Try again please with the latest version, it could be a problem with some JPEGs. If still not working, tell me, I'll investigate further.

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