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Version 0.3.0 of Moera node and client released!
New features

Settings. The new Settings page makes possible to modify all preferences that are available for your home node and client. Our goal is to give user maximum flexibility. In perspective, settings will be divided into several section to make navigation easier, and the Other section will contain all settings that did not fit anywhere else. Adding a new setting in the node and client code takes just a few seconds: several lines in one configuration file - and the new setting appears in the UI automatically. The UI supports Undo and Reset to default for every setting.

All settings, node and client are stored on the home node. It is possible to keep settings of several clients at the same time.

Navigation by name. You can click on the name of the node in the top-left corner of the page and a text field will appear where you can enter a name of any other node. If such a node exists, the client will get its address from the naming service and will open it.

Smaller changes
  • Registered name and generation are now kept everywhere (in the database, node, REST API and client code) in one field using <name>_<generation> syntax. This allows to support other types of names in the future.
  • New setting allows to insert arbitrary code to the <HEAD> section of all Web UI pages. Node owner may use this to install analytics scripts.
  • REST API now do not include fields with null values into response.
  • New settings for node (Web UI) and client to show posting creation and modification time in relative format (i.e. "3 days ago").
  • Correctly handle situation when the authentication token becomes invalid.
  • Ask for confirmation when clicking "Disconnect" button.
  • White background for the post composer.
  • When connected to the home node, the top-right corner of the page now contains icons: go to the home node (highlighted, if you're already on the home node); open settings (highlighted, if you're on the Settings page); view connection status; name of your home node; disconnect.
  • Postings now contain the name of the receiving node and the format of the body.
Upgrade notes

This release contains backward incompatible changes to the REST API, you need to upgrade both node and client to the latest version.

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