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Moera node & client 0.10.0
New features

Standalone client. Now it is possible to use Moera without installing the browser add-on. Just visit web.moera.org. While I still recommend to install the add-on, in some situations it is impossible. Besides that, the standalone client simplifies the sign-on process for newbies. If you install the add-on later, the standalone client will detect and utilize it.

If someone views your blog without a client, there is now a button "View in Web Client" on every page that activates viewing through web.moera.org.

Simplified sign-on. Creation of a blog in Moera is now done from a client and takes only one step: user enters the name and the password she wants. After that, domain creation, name registration and connection are done automatically. In the dialog it is possible to choose a provider (for now, only one exists - moera.blog). Domain creation UI at moera.blog has been turned off. web.moera.org becomes a center of sign-on for newbie users.

Mobile. You can now access Moera on a mobile device using the standalone client at web.moera.org. The user interface was fixed in many places, where it looked badly on a small screen or worked incorrectly on touch screens. Select "Add to Home Screen" from the browser's menu to add Moera icon to the main screen of your phone or tablet. Android users may install the Moera client from the Google Play store.

Push notifications. On a desktop or mobile device it is possible to turn on push notifications, that will be shown when the Moera client is closed. Press the "bell" icon in the top-right corner of the screen and select "Enable Push" at the bottom of the drop-down list. Note that the browser will ask you again whether you really want to allow push notifications.

New formatting

Smileys. Smileys like :-) or <3 are now converted to emojis on input. I've done my best to include every smiley found in various lists. Long smileys :-)))) and :-((((( are also supported. Put \ in front of a smiley to leave it as it is (for example, \:-) will stay just :-)) or you can switch smiley conversion off completely in Settings.

  • Markdown is now allowed inside <details> tag. Thanks @eliduvid for proposal.
  • Embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo and PeerTube, and also posts from LiveJournal and Facebook is now allowed.
Smaller changes
  • Quick tips are now shown on the first login. Click the "question mark" icon in the menu to view them again.
  • When someone answers to an author's comment under his own post, he now receives only one notification.
  • User will receive a notification, if her home node failed to sign and send her reaction or comment.
  • The list of notifications is now preloaded to appear faster after clicking a "bell".
  • Solved a problem that sometimes led to creation of a shortened variant of a post, when it is not needed.
  • When a shortened variant of a post is created, preformatted text formatting is not broken anymore. Thanks @eliduvid for report.
  • When pages existing only in a client (the Settings page, for example) are viewed without a client, they do not return an error anymore. A stub page recommending to open a client is now shown instead. Thanks @eliduvid for report.
  • Menu item "Change date/time..." is removed from the posts in the News feed. Thanks @akovalenko for proposal.
  • Improved name cache utilization on the client.
  • It is now possible to use either node URL or its name in the "Connect" dialog.
  • Middle-click is now handled correctly where it wasn't before.
  • There is "Subscribe" button in user's profile also. Thanks @tigra for proposal.
  • Emojis are now shown correctly in post titles and comment reply quotes. Thanks @eliduvid for report.
  • Added buttons to quickly jump to the beginning or to the end of the loaded part of the comments feed.
  • Text is now copied with emojis in it, if any.
  • Fixed crash after entering an incorrect date. Thanks @malka for report.
  • "Home" icon is now displayed in front of the current node name (in the top-left corner) if you are on your home node at this moment. The "home" icon in the top-right corner is now highlighted only if you are on your Timeline.
  • moera-node now creates two logfiles: a regular one and a debug one.
  • Notification subsystem is made more responsive.
  • Names are now registered faster.
  • API requests are now cancelled by timeout and retried.
  • IP-address of the server may be set in the configuration file with node.address parameter. Fixed a bug that caused resolving of _default_ subdomain. Thanks @akovalenko for testing.
  • The scope of cartes used for authentication in a communication between nodes is now limited to a single node. Thanks @akovalenko for noting the problem.
  • Only one revision of a post or a comment is loaded now for signature validation. No need to load all revisions anymore.
  • Changed parameters that configure multi-domain support in moera-node.
  • Removed moment.js dependency, making the client 5% smaller.
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