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Moera node & client 0.5.0
New features

Reactions. The first and great social feature released! Everything Facebook users dreamed about is in Moera already 😄 Two groups of reactions: positive ("likes") and negative ("dislikes"). Ten different types of reactions in the base set and additional ones that you can add to your "toolbox". Configurable reactions for every post - the author can recommend or disable any type of reactions. Click on the number of reactions under a post to view the list of people who reacted. Every reaction is cryptographically signed and you can check the signature by clicking the "human" icon. Ability to hide number of reactions for any post (or for all posts by default) and the list of people who reacted. In this case a visitor will be able to view only a chart: what percent of the total number of reactions are of particular type.

Pinned posts. You can pin any number of posts to be always shown at the top of your Timeline. Use post dropdown menu for this.

Images and emojis. You can now insert emojis into your posts (see emoji cheatsheet) and insert images from remote sites using Markdown syntax or <img> tag.

Smaller changes
  • API call for post author to delete reactions to his post (no UI for this yet).
  • Fixed race between WebSocket events and database updates.
  • Do not create a new revision after editing non-significant parts of a post.
  • Optimized database queries that fetch the timeline.
  • Changed title of Settings tabs to "My Node" and "My Client" to avoid confusion.
  • Optimized naming server queries that slow down the Timeline loading.
  • Prefill the URL field in the connection dialog when connecting to your home node for the first time.
  • More straightforward behavior of "additional features" buttons in the "New Post" page. Make changes visible.
  • Display short Markdown help in the "New Post" page.
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