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Moera node & client 0.12.0
New features

Avatars. Users now have avatars. The built-in editor allows to create an avatar from any image, to crop and rotate it, if needed. You can choose an avatar shape - round or square. You can create several avatars and change them when writing a post or a comment. You can also reorder avatars in the list. And if you do not like that avatars may be of different shapes, they may be forced in client settings to be all round or all square. Clicking on an avatar opens the user's profile.

Comment drafts. Like when creating or editing a post, drafts are now saved automatically when creating or editing a comment. You can leave an unfinished comment behind and it will appear again in the comment editor, when you open the same thread.

Feed navigation improved. After clicking the Newsfeed button, you are now taken not to the top of the feed, but to the first unread post (this may be changed in the settings). Click the same button again to go to the top. New posts are highlighted for few seconds. Thanks @unidentified for proposal. "↑ Top" button now displays how many posts are above (pinned posts are not inlcuded) and how many of them are new.

Sharing dialog improvements. If some text on the page is selected before clicking a "Share" button, the text selected will be used as quote for sharing the post/comment. The quote and the link can be edited now in the sharing dialog and you can also choose between plain text and HTML. Besides sending to various social networks, you can now simply copy the quote with the link by clicking the "Copy quote" button (the gray circle with quotation mark inside). "Share..." item has been added to the post dropdown menu. Thanks Tigra for proposal.

New formatting
  • Allowed type attribute of <ol> tag.
  • dir="auto" attribute is now added to all paragraphs in Web UI also.
  • HTML filter is now used in post preview, so the tags and attributes disallowed in posts will be disallowed in the preview also. Thanks @unidentified for reporting.
  • Allowed embedding video from odysee.com.
Smaller changes
  • Removed Web Push support, because its real-life usage turned out to be too tricky for an average user. For the mobile application, a new push service on the basis of SSE protocol was implemented.
  • If a blog page is opened in a browser without the Moera addon, it is automatically opened in the web client (can be switched off in settings).
  • Phased out support of passing tokens in query parameters. Clients must use Authorization: HTTP header for this.
  • Added API for changing default values for all settings.
  • Fixed many bugs in cutting a text of a post. Thanks Oleksandr Pushkar for reporting.
  • When answering a comment with a spoiler, the spoiler text will not be revealed in the comment quote.
  • Added OpenGraph and Twitter Cards meta tags, so link preview is correctly shown everywhere now.
  • When hovering (or a long tap) a user name, the popover now includes a button for copying his name (as @nickname). For pasting it later into a post or a comment.
  • Editing author's name and publication date in the post composer was simplified.
  • When pressing Enter in the login dialog, the correct button is selected now. Thanks @MojsheLevin for reporting.
  • Your own posts are not shown as unread in the newsfeed now.
  • The client code is completely migrated to TypeScript.
  • "Carte is invalid" error is now handled and the client tries to fix the issue. Thanks Vadim Menuhin for reporting.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to the dialog appearing when pasting a formatted text.
  • Selection on a page does not disappear now when opening a post/comment dropdown menu. Thanks Eliyahu Duvidzon for proposing a solution.
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