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Moera for Android 0.15.0
  • Implemented reliable delivery and display of notifications via the Google Firebird Cloud Messaging (FCM) service. The old approach for delivering notifications stopped working due to restrictions on background services introduced in new versions of Android. The notification design has also been improved.
  • Show notifications and internal application messages in the language selected by the user.
  • Opening Moera links in the application. The new domain moera.page is supported.
  • No longer asking for permission to access images stored on the device. Instead, using Android's built-in image selection component (a Google Play requirement).
  • Improved reliability when switching between Wi-Fi and mobile networks.
  • Improved operation of the "Back" button.
  • The target Android version has been upgraded to Android 14 (Google Play requirement). The minimum Android version has been raised to Android 6.0.
  • In the Settings it is possible to switch to the developer version of the client.
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