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Moera node & client 0.8.0
New features

Newsfeed. "NEWS" item in the main menu opens a new feed that collects posts from all feeds your node is subscribed to. To subscribe, click "Subscribe" button at the top of somebody's Timeline. At that moment, the latest 20 posts from this Timeline are automatically added to your Newsfeed. After that, all new posts published there are downloaded by your node and displayed in your Newsfeed. If the author updates a post, the changes will appear in the Newsfeed as well. Reactions you make to the post at the Newsfeed are sent to the original post, and all reactions made by others are visible in your Newsfeed.

For now, all newsfeeds are public, so you can read anybody's newsfeed. But this will be made optional in the future.

Click the "newspaper" icon in the top right corner of the page to quickly open your Newsfeed from any place. The icon also shows the number of posts in the Newsfeed that you haven't read yet.

Click "PEOPLE" in the main menu to open a page with all the information about the nodes you are connected with. For now, it contains two tabs: "Subscribers" - the nodes subscribed to your Timeline and "Subscriptions" - the nodes you have subscribed to. This page also appears in Web UI (viewable without Moera client). You will get a notification, when somebody subscribes to your Timeline or cancels the subscription.

If you're interested in details how the Newsfeed is working, I recommend to read the overview. An important thing worth noting is that your node caches the content of your Newsfeed, just like Google caches every page it finds. Your Newsfeed contains a copy of the original post. Note the "repost" icon near the name of the author of every post in the Newfeed. It means that the post you are viewing is a copy. Click the icon to open the original post. If you hold the cursor for a second over the icon, a popup will appear with details about how the post has come to you.

As a consequence, you can freely delete or pin posts in your Newsfeed - this does not affect the original post at the author's node, of course. And, just like with Google's cache, the copy of a deleted post is still somewhere on your node (not visible in the UI yet). In perspective, the UI will allow you to save a copy of any post on your choice.

Smaller changes
  • Node software now requires Java 11 or later to run.
  • If a node fails to deliver a notification, it will retry for some period of time, even after node restart.
  • The client UI is now correctly resized on mobile.
  • Extra newlines are not added between list items in citations.
  • Post title limit is increased to 80 characters.
  • Automatically resize images in posts to fit the feed width (works on Firefox 75+ and Chrome 79+).
  • Fixed error appeared when clicking some notifications.
  • Added "Copy link" item to post's menu - it copies the link to the post to the Clipboard.
  • Added a new reaction: "Hot".
  • Replaced triangle characters in "Top" and "Bottom" buttons, because they are not visible on some phones.
  • Better clipping of draft preview text in "Drafts" button in the post composer.
  • Fixed error message displayed after the first connection to a node, when the node does not have a name yet.
  • Several "Re:" prefixes on reply are grouped together as "Re:[2]" and so on.
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