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Moera node and client 0.11.0
New features

Simplified name system. Names (nicknames) are now registered permanently and do not need to be prolonged.

Displaying full names and extended profile. If full name is set in the profile, it is now displayed instead of nickname (in new posts and comments). Unlike the nickname, the full name can be easily changed, it does not have to be unique, it may contain spaces. You can choose one of three options in client settings: display nickname only, display full name only or both. Thanks everyone for their constructive feedback.

When the mouse is moved over the name, a popup panel is displayed with blog details and subscription button.

New fields in the profile: blog title and "bio" - arbitrary text with formatting. The profile was redesigned.

Full name and blog title are now shown in the feed header.

Selecting a name from the list. If you want to mention a user in a post or comment, press @ on the keyboard or in the editor panel. A small window will appear where you'll be able to select a name from the list of participants of the discussion and those you are subscribed to. In a similar way, when you click the name in the top-left corner of the screen, you can choose a name of the blog you want to open (the list includes the blogs you are subscribed to). Users in the list are arranged in the order of "closeness" to you: those you like or comment more frequently are considered more close.

Improved editor. Added a panel to the post/comment editor with buttons that insert frequently used formatting characters (fonts, links etc.) Operations with drafts in the post editor are made easier to understand. Added preview button in the post editor.

Bottom panel. Added a bottom panel in the mobile version that contains all buttons that are located in the top-right corner of the desktop version. Previously in the mobile version they were hidden in the right-side menu.

Password management. You can now change your password in the settings. If you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot password" in the sign-in dialog. A special code for changing password will be sent to your E-mail. Don't forget to set an E-mail in your profile.

Share button. Share button now appears under posts and comments. It may be used to share the post/comment in other social networks or to copy the link to the post or comment.

Notification about post update. When editing a post, you may click the "bell" button under the editor and mark the post update as important. In this case, everybody who follow the comments to the post will get a notification that the post was updated. You can also add a short explanation to the notification.

New formatting

Math expressions. Implemented embedding math expressions using KaTeX package. They may be inserted inline, for example $`ax^2+bx+c=0`$ is displayed as ax^2+bx+c=0. Or as a separate block, for example

is displayed as

  • Allowed embedding video from www.youtube-nocookie.com. Thanks Eliyahu Duvidzon for proposal.
  • Allowed embedding WebGL games from simmer.io и itch.io. Thanks Oleksandr Pushkar for proposal.
  • Allowed start attribute of <ol> tag. Thanks @unidentified for reporting.
  • Allowed title attribute of <img> и <a> tags.
Smaller changes
  • Authentication token is now passed through Authorization: HTTP header (in bearer token format) instead of URL parameters.
  • More accurate cutting of long posts for a feed, so the shortened version will not reach the maximal size and additional scrolling will not appear.
  • New and amended reactions: "Congrats", "Absurd", "LOL", "Sweet", "Hug".
  • Added privileged setting that only server owner/provider may change - for example, post size limit etc.
  • Name navigation (in the top-left corner) now tries to find the name regardless of its case, if the exact match was not found.
  • When a formatted text is pasted from the clipboard, user can now choose whether to preserve formatting tags in the text or to delete them and leave the text alone.
  • Paragraphs are now correctly preserved in the text copied from Facebook, despite all the efforts of Facebook designers.
  • Old notifications, newsfeed posts and revisions of posts and comments are now purged automatically.
  • Removed extra padding in the mobile version and more space is left for the feed and comment editor.
  • Hiding the feed header in the mobile version, when the feed is scrolled down.
  • Pinned posts are now ignored, when the latest posts of a user are downloaded for his subscriber's newsfeed after subscribing.
  • Added warning about incorrect clock in the browser (this may affect cryptographic protocols).
  • Correct aligning of paragraphs written in Hebrew/Arabic.
  • Feed with in the client is now configurable. Thanks @Alla for proposal.
  • If a comment is immediately followed by a reply, the reply does not display a quote from the comment anymore.
  • HTML entities in Web Push notifications are now decoded. Thanks Eliyahu Duvidzon for reporting.
  • Own posts are now added to the own newsfeed (may be switched off in the client settings).
  • "View source" in the menu of a post/comment opens the source code of it. Thanks Tigra for proposal.
  • Reaction buttons are not shown for own posts and comments (may be switched on in settings). Thanks @Drakoniha for proposal.
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