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Version 0.2.0 of Moera node and client released!
New features

Editing and deleting posts. Every update of a post is saved as an individual revision and signed separately. REST API allows to obtain the list of revisions and to restore any of them. When a post is deleted, it is not purged from the database immediately, allowing to restore it afterwards. For now, the client supports only edition and deletion of posts. More advanced features - viewing revisions and deleted posts and restoring them - are present in the API, but not exposed in the UI. All contributions are welcome.

Smaller changes
  • Better handling or errors: new error pages in Web UI and new error codes in REST API.
  • Display posting previews for large posts in Web UI with the link to the full text.
  • RSS for the timeline.
  • Return 201 Created HTTP code from the REST API calls that create an object.
  • Preserve location and login in the connection dialog after disconnection.
  • Filter HTML coming from a node before displaying it.
  • If further posts in the timeline are not loaded automatically for some reason, display a button to load more posts.
  • In the post composer, all additional features are displayed as icons below the text field. Clicking on the button opens the feature.
  • If a button causes a request to the server, display the loading indicator inside the button.
  • ...and many bugfixes, code improvements and UI tweaks.
Upgrade notes

New database scripts use uuid_generate_v4() function. You will need to install postgresql-contrib package and then activate uuid-ossp extension for your database (see steps 6-7 here).

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