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Moera node & client 0.7.0
New features

Notifications. Click the "bell" icon on the top-right corner of the page to see the list of notifications. Currently notifications are sent, when somebody reacts to your post or mentions you in his/her post. Number of new notifications is shown in the window title and on red background near the bell icon. It disappear when you open the list. But, if you want, you may change the setting and show the number of unread notifications instead.

Unread notifications are highlighted in the list. A notification is read when it is clicked, or marked as read using the small "envelope" button or by clicking "Mark All as Read".

Multiple connections. You can now create several connections with different home nodes and switch between them without need to logout and login again. (This feature requires the latest release (0.2.0) of Moera browser extension.) Click on your Moera name in the top-right corner of the page to open the list of connections and "Add connection" button at the end.

Smaller changes
  • Correct formatting of mentions in quotes.
  • Caching name server responses in the browser extension.
  • Changed background color of quotes to better fit the overall style.
  • Added decoration for nested quotes.
  • Highlight the current draft in the "Drafts" dropdown in the composer.
  • Replace Twemoji images by emoji characters when replying to a Post.
  • Moved changing the publication date of an existing post from composer to the dropdown menu of the post.
  • Moved "New post" button from the Timeline header to the menu bar.
  • Fixed incorrect display of "Top"/"Bottom" buttons after switching between pages.
  • Added shadow to the Timeline header when the Timeline is scrolled down.
  • "Top" button is now floated in the top-middle of the Timeline.
  • "Calendar" and "Bottom" buttons are now hidden behind a small "Go to..." button.
  • Relative time (like "5 minutes ago") in all places is updated every minute.
  • Display the menu bar vertically on mobile.
  • Reset scrolling position when navigating to a different page.
  • Added new positive reactions: "Keep calm" and "Hug".

They are also many changes made under the hood, as we continue with the plan of making possible to create many feeds in Moera. Notifications is the first feed created with this mechanism, the next milestone is the Newsfeed.

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